The equipment

Important point, not to say the main one; the equipment ! On the road, all our house is inside our backpack... so every single gram is important.

   You will find here, what is inside our backpacks, as a couple full on drawing, photography and videos. All the details are here. Travellers, illustrators, photographs, and videographers, be welcomed ! We leave here to direct our pilote aith and aquipment that will be upgraded later on.

1- The main  ( Backpack, papers...)

2- The everyday life  (clothes, shaving kit...)

3- The 37Degrees touch  (camera, lenses, SLR camera, the drawing toolkit...)

4- Others (unclassified but very importants tools )

1- The main 

  • Backpack :

                   1x F-Stop Satori 64L (Marie's main bag)

                   1x F-Stop Shinn Shinn 80L (Guillaume's main bag)

                   1x Manfrotto Advanced Travel Backpack (second bag of Marie)

                   1x LowePro Fastpack BP 250 AW II ( second bag of Guillaume)

  • Accessories for the bags :

                   2x duffel bags  (mainly to protect our big bags during long trips )

                   2x steel octopus cables (To lock our bags when we have to leave them behind )

                   1x Rain cover for the Satori  (the Shinn is waterproof )

                   2x extension strap

2- The everyday life

  • Administratif : coming soon.

  • Clothes (Marie) :coming soon.

  • Clothes (Guillaume) :coming soon.
  • First aid kit :coming soon.

3- The 37Degrees touch

  • Cameras and lenses  :coming soon.

  • Drawing :coming soon.


4- Others

  • Can save your life  :coming soon.

  • Always usefull :coming soon.
le tour du monde

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