It itches, it scratches.... paludism or yellow fever ? But where is my passport!?

Travelling involve risks, as much as leaving your home in the morning... But it's better to prevent than to cure ! So come and discover our choices regarding, health insurance and equipment.

For our health insurance, we chose APRIL. A private insurance for people living abroad that gives a wide healthcare.   ( USA and Canada ). You can find on internet good comparison on forums ;  on our side we chose the contract " Magellan " that was at a good price for people under 30 years old. Even though in this healthcare jungle it's not always easy to find its road.

Our project implies a lot of equipment for photography and filming.  Unfortunately, it's not possible de get an insurance for the drawings, if our bags are stolen of fall into the water, this will desapear!

We chose to get an insurance for the main equipment like the camera, the dslr, hard drive , our computer and our lenses.  Once again, there are a lot of options online, and we chose : PIXELASSUR.

Prior to departure, mandatory health check up an and update of our vaccines was needed.

Here are the vaccines done in 2015 : Voici les vaccins que nous avons realisé en 2015:

  •  tetanus check up

  • typhoid

  • hepatitis B

  • hepatitis A ( For Marie who never did it before )

  • We chose not to do the rabies vaccin as it's was quite heavy and 3 injections were needed.

  • japanese encephalitis.


 More details coming soon !!                                         

le tour du monde

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