To travel the world, such is the objective of 37Degrees. With video episodes, blog, photo and illustration, 37Degrees chooses to unite the media to share its unique character. Come and follow the adventure of a couple that begins right now in Vietnam with the shooting and post-production for the first episode of a series to come...

   The concept of this project arose from a mutual desire for sharing. A multimedia sharing for a main theme: the Journey. 37Degrees retranscribes our common passion thanks to the help of our favourite mediums: drawing, video and photography. With legs which never stay in place, a sketch pad under one arm and a camera under the other, we can say that 37Degrees is a project in movement.

  During a journey, drawing awakens the curiosities, it moves closer to the most distant spirits. Far from the immediate release of photography, it does not call on to the same spaces nor in the same times ... Drawing is a universal language, it frees itself from all the rules ... On the road, a simple small piece of paper can allow us to always move forward, farther, and stay as close as possible to people. The only constraint of drawing, is time. We take care when entering an environment to be observed and accepted. With confidence we seize the best moments. It can only make the journey fuller.

  Video, is more spontaneous and more immediate. It will come to illustrate the road, the meetings and the bad adventures. It will capture the unusual and imperceptible of situations. On our return, it will be our support in the special effects and in the 2D animations. Helping us to personalise and express at best the magic of certain moments, while offering a unique and personal point of view on the world. When Art meets adventure, we build a history worth sharing!

  37Degrees made its first steps and technical tests on the La Palma Island (Spain) and in Olso in Norway. Then, the project set off to Vietnam during 2 months where we archived a large number of information for the realisation of the experimental episode. This first experience allowed us to ground-test our concept 'adventure made in 37Degrees'. From big cities to the jungle, we were put to the test. And we are back with magnificent images of this country today and we look forward to telling you this story.

  The first steps are always made in dreams. Russian Steppes, Mongolian plains, Nepalese summits.. Tropical Heat, Monsoon... Our imagination seems unlimited. From Beijing to Ushuaïa, via the city of Machu Picchu and the ruins of Angkor, the exploration for 37Degrees is just starting so remain connected! Newsletter.



le tour du monde

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