During long cold nights of winter, after seeing again an ARTE documentary about the sex life of shrimps in Alaska ; we sometimes need a little bit of inspiration. We need to get fresh ideas for the next journeys.

From Films to books ; festivals ; online forums, here are our advices. A non-exhaustive list to consume without moderation..


Movies :

  • Baraka , Ron Fricke

  • Samsara , Ron Fricke

  • Into the wild , Sean Penn
  • The Darjeeling limited , Wes Anderson
  • The way back , Peter Weir
  • Instinct , Jon Turteltaub
  • Lost in translation , Sofia Coppola
  • Seven years in Tibet , Jean-Jacques Annaud
  • Gorillas in the mist , Michael Apted
  • The Motorcycle diaries , Walter Salles
  • Australia , Baz Luhrmann
  • Indiana Jones Raiders of the lost Ark , Steven Spielberg
  • Indiana Jones and the temple of Doom , Steven Spielberg
  • Indiana Jones and the last Crusade , Steven Spielberg
  • Himalaya, l'enfance d'un chef , Eric Valli


Animation movies :

  • Up , Pete Docter
  • Spirited away, Hayao Miyazaki
  • The road of El Dorado , Eric Bergeron


Documentary :

  • Home , Yann Arthus Bertrand
  • Humans , Yann Arthus Bertrand
  • The march of Penguins , Luc Jacquet
  • An Inconvenient Truth , Davis Guggenheim
  • The cove , Louie Psihoyos
  • Earth , Alastair Fothergill et Mark Linfield
  • Ocean , Jacques Perrin et Jacques Cluzaud
  • Blackfish , Gabriela Cowperthwaite
  • Touching the Void , Kevin Macdonald
  • Super Size Me , Morgan Spurlock
  • Under the Dome , Chai Jing
  • We feed the world , Erwin Wagenhofer


TV series / WEB :

  • C'est pas sorcier , Jamy Gourmaud et Frédéric Courant
  • Planète Terre , BBC
  • J'irai dormir chez vous , Antoine de Maximy
  • Xenius par Arte
  • Les dessous des Cartes , Arte
  • 360° GEO , Arte


Novels and essays :

  • La théorie du voyage , Michel Onfray

  • L’axe du loup , Sylvain Tesson
  • Petit traité sur l'immensité du monde , Sylvain Tesson
  • Voyage à Tombouctou , René Caillié
  • Latitude Zéro , Mike Horn
  • Voyage au bout de la solitude (Into the wild) , Jon Krakauer
  • L’usage du monde , Nicolas Bouvier


Travel guides  :

  • Partir autour du monde , ABM
  • Le guide de la sante en voyage , VIDAL


Travel books :

  • 3 ans de voyage , Claire et Reno Marca
  • Algérie 'soyez les bienvenus!' , Claire et Reno Marca
  • Carnet de siberie (Mammuthus expeditions) , Benjamin Flao et Bernard Buigues
  • Tokyo Sanpo , Florent Chavouet
  • Madagascar, 3 mois de voyage sur l'ile rouge , Claire e Reno Marco
  • Carnet de voyage en Chine , Simon


Animated travel book :

 L'Art et le Voyage ont deja un nom! Attention, talent.


Blog and sharing on the web :

      •  http://www.toolito.com/calcul-budget-voyage/ 

For a travel budget estimations using different criteria. Really easy to use. 

      •  http://www.instinct-voyageur.fr/ 

When travel becomes a job :

      •  http://www.carnets-de-traverse.com/blog/

Julie and Renaud give us a beautiful and colourful vision of the world.


Contemporary travelers generously share their travel tips on their travels around the world.


A reference for travellers/ bloggers.


A French travel blog, full of informations and original. Its illustrated graphics are full of good ideas!


3 years of travels aroudn the world and a good number of stories.



World tour of Clo and Clem, full of images and adventure!


Travel tips around the world for a backpack travel.


Natural and funny, Anne's website is a real pleasure to read. We really advice you to have a look !


 3 years of bike travels. A story about friendship, a story to share. 


Madame Oreille,  a girl point of view about travel.


Travels and reflexion.


Really colourful travel blog! We like it!


The necessary ones :

http://www.abm.fr/ (A lot of informations useful for travels! )

http://www.routard.com/ (Known from all, we don't need to explain it. )

http://www.tresorsdumonde.fr/ (One discovery per day )

http://voyageforum.com/ (A great and dynamic community for any age or experience!)


Festivals et Events not to be missed :

-"Festival des Globe-trotters"

-"Rencontres du bout du monde"

-festival of "voyageur amateur"

-"rencontre de l'aventure"

-"festival des globe trotter en avignon"

-"festival partir autrement"

-"biennal du carnet de voyage"

-"le grand bivouac"

-"forum des voyageurs"

-"festival ..."

-"festival autour du voyage"

-"planet couleurs"

-"les ecrans de l'aventure"

-"voyage a velo"

-"rencontre des voyages et de l'image"

-"autour du monde"

-"nuits polaires"


-"aux quatre coins du monde"

-"festival du fim d'exploration de jules verne"

-"voyage et aventure"

-"festivale culture et vanture"

-"granc bivouac"

-"Etonnants voyageurs"


Sensationnal story around the world :


A little bit of everything, coming from everywhere. But especially unusual! News, videos, and pictures of any kind, coming for everywhere in the world.


It's frech and fun. A good website if you want to travel staying at home. But don't abuse of that ! This is similaire to Toolito.


Friendly informations, with lot's of images.


Find your next destinaiton :


World map, showing thousands of flights. A filter section let you refine your searchs.


le tour du monde

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