The Budget

Bought in dollars, pounds, or euros? Here, we organise, calculate, and we break the money box. Come discover all our informations about our spending, our estimates and our fails.  From the sketchbook to the electronics, you will find here the links, advices and tips to limite your expenses and to better predict your next big travel.


Notice to the reader :

Our travels are defined mainly by what we produce there and not as holidays. Adventurer, we do not travel with a wero budget ; feeding with bread and water, the travel exist without any budget. But it's not how is made 37Degrees and our advices to the readers discovering accidentally those pages would be to have a look at our pages " the concept " and "equipment " the get our purpose.  So our goals being to be independent and creative on multiple mediums. So our budget is quite big. But far from us the idea to generalize our budget to all the world travelers. 

From our insurance for our gears, to the expenses during our travel, this page will be based on our trip in Vietnam first and will then be completed with our next destinations ! Be ready, more informations coming soon !!


le tour du monde

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