Lot's of questions and not a lot of time to answer them all. This FAQ answers frequently asked questions. If you hesitate writting to us, and a quesiton is burning your lips, the answer is maybe already here... If it's not the case don't hesitate ! Write to us !


Why are you creating this project?

  We both have the passion of travelling, but also that to create images. To write, to draw and to archive moments in the corner of a pad to tell them better after our return, that is what leads us! For all these notes, this stories, it was necessary to plan a structure... A place where we could share our works. 37Degrees thus allows us to tell these stories, but also to share the preparation of the journeys to come!

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Why '37Degrees'?

  37Degrees is for us a guideline. We chose the average temperature of the human body as our guideline. Because from the big Poles to the African Plains it is the same value which flows into our veins (until proved otherwise ...). Extraordinary phenomenon which unite us, fragile, precious and nevertheless, we have so many differences! Thus 37Degrees chooses to put forward these cultural differences without forgetting what gathers us.

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Why "humain" as the main topic of your travel?

   Because we feel closer to the Man than to the Norwegian salmon... Without Man, without meetings, our journeys would be very different. It is thanks to these people that we often manage to move forward and it is in the wealth of these portraits which we learn most on us even. For the best, but also for the worst, it will also be through the people whom we shall speak of the environment, the flora and fauna...

What kind of travelers are you?

  We are "economic" travelers and backpackers. The tourism changes the face of the world, and we like being held far from the troops... We like living, eating and moving in a most local possible way. We travel by taking our time to be accepted and to be able to testify of it. Our equipment, rather heavy, sometimes urges us to choose small hotels / guesthouses rather than common dormitories. But more generally, let us say that if the path is not on our map, it is because we are on the right track!

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Are you a compagny?

No, 37Degrees is a concept developed by ourselves. It is realized with our small hands and the support of our friends. It is not unfortunately our full-time work, but just a hobby to which we like dedicating many of our spare time.

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Where come from the financing for your project?

  For the moment, 37Degrees exist thanks to our own income, thanks to the support of our families and our friends. Afterwards, we would like the project to obtains other financial supports to extend the adventure and develop new episodes!

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Why not leaving now for your world tour?

   Our project asks for a lot of preparation, writing and work in preproduction and post-production. With a reduced team, the story of the "great journey" spells gradually...

But the departure is for soon! A date is maybe even already fixed. Who knows?

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Why Africa is not one of your destinations?

   Africa is an immense continent to which we hope to devote time in the future. Unfortunately, the current political situation is not favorable to the too adventurous travelers.

The "risk" exists everywhere, certainly, but for the moment, many countries of the continent Africain/Moyen-Orient seem complex of approach for 37Degrees.

What is the brand of your pads of sketch?

  We have a crush for the pads of the brand Vang. In red cloth with black angles, they are very stiff with a paper in strong grammage (210 g perfected for the watercolor). They are rare pads, but very high quality.

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What pencils / pen use travels you there?

  We like the classic pencil of paper (2 B) which we find in numerous stationerie stores. We use fountain pens black with pigments (0.1 / 0.3 / 0.5 / 0.7mm) for the illustrations. We also use pens to the India ink to obtain more intense blacks.

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Why travelling for so long?

Why staying at the same place for so long?

Are you always travelling?

   Yes and no. French people of origin, we live at present in Canada. We are lucky enough to have a job that allows us to travel in every corner of the globe if we wish. 37 degrees set apart, we are not thus all the time in journey, but often in movement.

Do you think of a bigger team for the futur?

   Yes, we are perpetually in search of support for the document retrieval, the translation, the animation, of special effects, the music... A Lot of people already supports us and participate in 37 degrees. And during the realization of new episodes, we will certainly need a real team!

I shall need advice for the purchase of equipment photo / video, can you help me?

  With pleasure, the material changes every month very quickly and it is sometimes difficult to make its choice in this jungle. Explain us what you wish to realized and in which budget by writing to us here This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will try to advise you.

How to follow you during your project?

  There is numerous ways to follow us! You can join our newsletter or also use Facebook, Vimeo, Twiter or Google +!

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I want to support you, how can it be done?

   It's simple, contact us here This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and explain us your ideas!

In exchange, we can share on our homepage the name of your company or your group. And your name can be added to the team!

I have tried to contact you, but I haven't got an answer!

  Do not lose hope! Your e-mail was maybe lost or forgotten. We apologize for it.

If it is the case, write us again at this address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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