Thursday, 21 April 2016 10:00

37Degrees is Launched !

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Welcome to our first article in this blog from 37Degrees !


After several months of work, we are really happy to finally share our website with you. It's all about travels, meetings and people. These pages were created with the help of Caroline Tricart (Web Designer) and Nicolas Despeyre (Web developer). They created our most crazy desires and built this website. We would like to thank them in this first article for their amazing work!

In this website, the home page will give you quick access to the main elements and also to a timeline from which you can navigate between the different videos that we will publish.“ the project” gives you more information about our organisation, how and why we started 37Degrees. “ On the road” lets you access all the videos via a map. You can also use the timeline for a more chronological approach. On pages“ Sketchbook” and “ Photography “ you will discover the world through 37Degrees' eyes. And finally, here, on the "blog" you will share our adventures and our plans . This blog is co-written by Guillaume Renier and Marie Tricart following our inspirations and what we like.

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We will talk about equipment, people, anecdotes from our trips, places, tips and adventures. Frankly, we don't really have boundaries for our subjects and we are willing to explore far. We would lie kthsi blog to be informative, funny and useful for curious travellers, travel lovers, people with a creative frenzy or anyone else looking for an escape. We really hope, that you will enjoy this live illustrated blog made in “ 37Degrees” as a supplement to our future episodes.

Drawings, plan, gif, pictures, animation, special effects..., all in our means to share our adventures with you!



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To take part in this adventure, you can comment, share, hate or love ; 37Degrees is a group experience where everyone can participate!

You can also discover some information about people that have already taken part in it here. Find us already on Facebook, Twitter, Google+Vimeo and on Youtube ! Also, don't hesitate to signup our Newsletter! You will get monthly news about 37Degrees, and a VIP access to some elements, photos, stories and more. For more personal questions, write to us directly by email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ; one of us will set aside the camera or sketchbook to answer!



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Coming very soon, some articles, stories , videos, special effect and even more drawings from the world!

Stay tuned and have a good trip!

Guillaume and Marie